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I'm Koen, a full-stack developer

I Create Modern Web Portals that Generate Respect & Admiration and Drive Company Growth

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A Portal to be proud of

Crafting a portal for lasting pride and increased customer satisfaction requires perfection, dedication and creative relevance. Your platform symbolizes values, leaves impressions, embodies journeys and ambitions an enduring legacy that drives sales.

Blockchain portfolio

3 selected projects (view more on Github)
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BoxingBoyz NFT

The 2021 Boxing Boyz is a 3D animated NFT collection, sold-out 5000 NFTs. 

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Cryptopia is an independent city-state society based on the blockchain.

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DoodleJump NFT

Compete with the world’s best jumpers using your unique jumping nft in the play to earn game. 

Web Portal Portfolio

3 selected projects. View more on GitHub.

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Quadira - Invoice Generation

Quadira is a Dutch company that has the optimal solution for creating and sending all your documents. For their 25th anniversary they put requirements for a full new website which is responsive, reliable and beautiful to convey international professionalism.

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NoLimit - Fullfillment Portal

The NoLimit Fullfillment Portal is a direct link between the Shopify store of Ecommerce Owners and Suppliers for their selected products. It connects with an API to automatically handle all product requests and provides all required functionality to handle edge cases in the delivery proces, such as defects and returns.

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EcomEye - AI Generator

EcomEye searches the entire internet and generates killer product pages within seconds. The platform uses numerous APIs and Artificial Intelligence to generate the product descriptions, reviews and assets for the pages of Ecommerce owners, relieving them from the pain of this boring task and automating the entire creative marketing process.


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